4th of July….

The fourth of July in Utah is always such a fun time.  It isn’t just one day for us; it is more of a season.  The festivities around town begin as early as June and continue through the end of July.  Cities all over Utah have so many activities to attend from rodeos, carnivals and pageants, to parades and firework displays.  There is more than one patriotic service honoring heroes with speeches and patriotic music.  One of the traditions our sister Lisa has started is spending the night out on the parade route in Provo, the night before to get a good spot.  Over the years it has evolved with different family members joining her until really late at night and then leaving her with the other die-hards, our children and friends to secure the spot through the night.  The streets are lined with people, tents, blankets, movie screens, and people cooking food and selling food.  This is one of the most attended parades in the country, from what we hear.  This parade doesn’t have anything super spectacular or more interesting than any other parade, it is just the feeling of community and patriotism that you get when you attend.  Another tradition we have is to have a big extended family picnic later that afternoon.  This is the best because we sit and eat and talk and play games.  Later that evening we find a good open parking lot and set off our own fireworks.  Even later in the evening you can pretty much be anywhere in Utah and watch any firework spectacular in any city and they really are everywhere.  One of Suzanne’s favorite things to do is to play Lee Greenwood’s proud to be an American while we are setting off our fireworks.  During this especially unsettling time in our country, it is our hope and prayer that we can become a united nation under God, to find that common ground and remember that we are all Americans and celebrate the wonderful country we live in with pride and kindness.  We hope you all have a wonderful Fourth of July and be safe.

Have the best day ever,
Suzanne and Heidi


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