Hair Trends

Nicole Gourdin is a hairdresser for Cake Salon in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We asked her to contribute some photos of some of her latest work representing the latest trend in hair.

These are pictures of cuts and color she recently did showing the new Bayalage trend which is a new spin… on last years Hombre trend.  Both are a way of coloring the hair so that is goes from dark to light starting at the top.  Hombre is a more drastic dark to light where the Bayalage is a more natural and subtle approach.  Why is the Bayalage a trend that can transcend every age?

She shared a quote from Australian Vogue from an interview with hairdresser Rosie Hardy of Sydney salon Colour Lounge. “The appeal you can achieve is so many different effects from soft, natural highlights to something strong and punky.  The fact it’s low maintenance is such a drawcard for women too.  People want to look fashionable and feel good about their appearance but in this day and age we don’t all have the time to be in the salon ever few weeks for a touch up.”

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