Bell bottoms….

Yes they have come back in style this last year.  Heidi found this great pair of Buffalo bell bottoms by David Britton.  Even better she found them while exploring the new TJ Maxx in St. George marked down from $145 to $12. We love a great deal.  Bell bottoms may not be for everyone but they can be fun put with the right top.  The thing Heidi likes most about the bell bottoms is that they lengthen the legs.  Whether you have lived through the 70’s or are just seeing bell bottoms repeat their place in fashion history, they can be lots of fun to wear.  Go find a pair and have some fun.

In case you were interested…..
Bell bottoms, TJ Maxx/purple bodysuit, Pac Sun/white flowy shirt, Banana Republic/ black shoes, DSW(Steve Madden)

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