Blanket Scarves


As you can probably tell from the amount of Halloween decorations we have, we LOVE fall. Pumpkins, apples, pears, sweaters, and everything that goes with my hair color to name a few but especially Lisa’s birthday which is in October.

The dilemma is always what present to get her. She is definitely not picky but Heidi and I are because we want her to love it. So as we walked into the store the first thing we saw, we loved. Blanket scarves. As sisters often do, we thought we should each have one. Right? Right!

A great thing about blanket scarves for me is that during the fall, the temperatures are all over the place. I am cold in the morning, warm by the afternoon and then, of course, colder in the evening. It is easy to take on and off, so it totally solves the temperature issue. Also it fits everyone.

As always, we are showing them on all ages. Lisa is missing because she was on a much needed trip with her husband.

2 3 4 5In case you are interested:
Scarves, Target $22.99 (but they are pretty much everywhere right now)

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