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We have said it before, we know a lot of wonderful people and this time we are collaborating with Barbara Garrison.  We have known Barbara for over 30 years and she is like one of the family.  We have raised children together and been with each other through the many milestones in our lives.  One of the things we love about Barbara is her desire to always find a way to help her husband to support her family.   She started selling clothing and accessories at boutiques in Los Angeles long before it was popular to do on social media.  She told us “this is a labor of love.” She truly enjoys meeting and talking with women and helping them find clothes they love and can afford.   She is a great example to us because she and her family are always willing and usually the first ones to jump in and serve others in need.  She is grounded and down to earth and loves helping people.  She is a great mom and we really look up to her.  She and her family recently moved to Utah last year but because of her following in LA she continues to travel there to do her boutiques.  She has been starting to have boutiques here in Utah and recently came over to show us what she has and to do a photo shoot with some of her merchandise.  We had a fun time going through all of her cute skirts and dresses and hats and scarves and well, we could go on and on.

Barbara decided she wanted to keep things affordable, and versatile.  Most of her merchandise fits all body types and there is always something for everyone’s taste.  We couldn’t resist her affordable prices and bought hats and skirts and scarves just at the photo shoot.  She is having a boutique this Thursday in Utah on 10/27/16 from 8am-6pm and 7pm-9pm and Friday 10/28/16 from 8am-8pm.  The location is 1155 East 140 North, Orem, 84057.  You can email her with questions at  We are also doing a giveaway of one of her blanket scarves.  They are gorgeous and soft and warm.  All you have to do is sign up on our email and leave a comment.

So to enter the giveaway just sign up on our email and leave a comment.  Just two easy steps to winning a beautiful blanket scarf. The giveaway ends Sunday evening.  Good luck!

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In case you are interested: contact Barbara at

You can also earn free merchandise if you have your own home boutique and invite friends.  Who doesn’t want to sit around and talk and shop and eat goodies?

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