Family Christmas Party….

Every year Heidi hosts our extended family Christmas party.  We usually have anywhere from 70-100 people attend.  That is counting children.  In our immediate family alone we have over 50.  Needless to say it is a big party.  We have lots of fun, food, singing and it is kind of like a mini family reunion.  Every year Heidi worries about the food and how much to have and what to have and how much to spend.  This year we decided to do a combination of Mexican food and American.  We had taco bar and a pulled pork/chicken sandwich bar and then had everyone bring a desert.  We had so much help from our nieces Emily and Carrie and everyone who brought something.  One thing that is hard to manage is the layout. It is hard to make things look presentable before people get there with whatever dish they are bringing.  The solution we have found is to have the main course all there and ready before everyone arrives and then to map out the deserts and finger foods ahead of time by laying empty serving dishes where you want them.  When the other items arrive you fill in the empty dishes accordingly.  It seems to run pretty smooth this way.  We are sharing some pictures of how things looked and hope you can get ideas for other parties.  Isn’t New Years Eve in a couple of days?
Happy New Year and have the best day ever
Suzanne and Heidi

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