Link: We love celebrating our fathers and husbands.  Some of the things we love about our dad is that is so tender hearted and kind.  He is understanding and forgiving.  His mantra is “I am going to be happy if it kills me.”  Very rarely have we ever seen him sad or down.  Now there have been times we have upset him and made him angry but we deserved it.  Our husbands have been amazing fathers to our children.  They support them in all they do and all of their activities.  They are strict but loving and that is just what the kids need.  Heidi recalls when she was a teenager and a hard headed one, that our dad would take her horseback riding on Saturday mornings and then for a donuts or some breakfast.  This was his way of connecting with her and getting her to open up.  We love our dad and we have been able to get through many trials better because of his help and love and understanding.  Celebrate your fathers, husbands, brothers, uncles, grandpas with a fun gift and note telling them how much you love them.


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