We’ve heard it said that grandparents are just parents trying to get into heaven.  Well that may be true, but we’ll take it anyway we can get.  Grand-kids are just the best. We decided to share a couple of Suzanne’s family pictures they recently took. They spent an afternoon up Provo canyon taking fun photos with all of her children’s and grandchildren. Heidi’s son in law, Cole Gordon took the photos. He as a great eye for lighting and spontaneity.  Suzanne aka Gigi just loves to dote in her grand-kids and she Banana its them often.  As far as grandmas go, she is awesome because she is all glitter and gold and what grand-kids wouldn’t love that.

In case you were interested…
Photography/ Cole Gordon @colejamisonphotography
Suzanne’s: dress is from Old Navy
Crosby’s: sweater is from Osh Kosh B’Gosh
Eli’s: shirt from Walmart, pants from h&m
KJ’s: sweater from h&m a few years ago, jeans from target

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