Hannah and Cole wedding, a five part adventure Part 2..


Part 2 as told by Heidi

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, planning a wedding and everything that happens in conjunction with a wedding can be stressful.  Today’s post is about the family shower we threw for Hannah.  I have amazing sisters, cousins, and nieces that planned a wonderful party for Hannah.  Between Suzy and me we didn’t need to buy anything other than food because we had all that we needed in our collection of décor and serving pieces.  My cousin Shawn let us use her beautiful home to have the shower.  Everyone pitched in on food and drinks and games.   I struggled with the date because the only time we could do it was over Labor Day weekend.  I was concerned that many people would not be able to be there.   One of the things I learned was that Hannah was okay with whatever happened and that I needed to be ok with it as well.  Worrying about it only made her stressed so I had to let it go and move on.  It ended up being a beautiful, fun and happy evening for Hannah.  I am so grateful for my family and the love and support they gave in making sure Hannah felt loved.

So the tip I want to share for this post is that you can only control what you can control.  Don’t stress your bride out with things she or you can’t do anything about.  Make the best of each situation.  Boy I really need to apply that in my life.  It is really hard to do that.  My family tells me this all the time so maybe one day it will stick.  I am just a slow learner. I will keep working on that.

p2p3p4Hannah and Cole wedding, a five part adventure Part 2..Hannah and Cole wedding, a five part adventure Part 2..


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