Hannah and Cole Wedding, a five part adventure Part 3..


Part 3, as told by Heidi

The Night before….

Cole’s family planned a wonderful family dinner for the night before the wedding.  It was in my backyard and they did an amazing job.  They served yummy food which included beef brisket and Texas Roadhouse rolls, gourmet salads, baked beans and Bundt cakes from Nothing Bundt.   And as if that weren’t enough they treated us to some live music from Cole’s dad, uncles and grandfather.  The icing on the cake was a video message from Chandler, Hannah’s brother who is currently serving a church mission in New Hampshire and could not be there.  I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house.   Mine definitely were not dry and in fact there were two pools of tears.  The evening was complete with a video presentation of pictures of the bride and groom.   Although the evening was a beautiful success, it was not the original plan.  This brings me to my number 3 tip of the day.

I learned from this to always expect the unexpected and to be flexible with a new plan.  Be willing to move to plan B or C when things don’t turn out as you wanted.  They may even turn out better than plan A.  Having the dinner in my backyard was not the plan.  Our original venue fell through so Steve volunteered our backyard.  I was very concerned.  I know, me, concerned?   I knew I had at least 11 house guests, maybe more coming to stay for the wedding and I was more focused on making sure the reception and all the other details were taken care of.  A backyard dinner for 90-120 people was not part of my agenda.  I didn’t think I had a backyard worthy of such a wonderful party and I didn’t have the budget to get it ready nor the time.  Anyway, Cole’s mom, aunts and Steve took care of everything.  Steve spent hours in the yard every day until the dinner making it look groomed and cleaning it up.  He even cut down some trees!  He strung lights everywhere and worked with Cole’s mom on tables, chairs, décor and layout.  Cole’s mom and aunts gathered decorations and went with a classic rustic/elegance look.  Together they created a magical atmosphere beyond expectation.  Both families jumped into action and I couldn’t have been happier with the results.  To top it off, my house guests and other family members helped with the clean- up and made it all go quick and smooth.  I am going to let the pictures speak for themselves.

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Instead of IN CASE YOU ARE INTERESTED, I am going to share one more story with you only this time from my wedding.  We booked a hall for my reception only to find out from my mom’s hairdresser that she was attending another reception that same day, time and place as mine.  Double booked!!!!!  AAAAHHHHH!!!!!  Well it was three weeks before my wedding and my mom was panicked.  She didn’t tell me and instead started looking for somewhere else to have it.  I kept trying to mail out invitations and she kept stopping me and I couldn’t understand why.  Well, she quickly found a place to have it in one of our friends beautiful, large backyard. The only problem was I got married in January.  So she pulled some strings with my dad’s clients and got a giant tent, and I mean giant, rented heaters, chairs and tables and then she told me.  We had to make address change cards for over 600 invitations and then we sent them out.  I guess I learned from my mother to be willing to change plans.  By the way, it was a beautiful reception and I couldn’t have been happier. I liked it better than the original plan.

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