Hannah and Cole wedding, a five part adventure……..


Part 1 as told by Heidi

Putting on a wedding can be stressful and expensive.  As soon as Steve, my husband, and I thought there was a possibility of an upcoming wedding for Hannah we started thinking of ways to save money wherever possible.  Fortunately, Hannah is quite the minimalist and while she loves things to be pretty and classy, she does not like to go overboard when it comes to money.  Yay for us!!!!! After many discussions and a lot of planning, we were able to pull together a simple yet elegant event.  Things didn’t always go smoothly. I would love to share some tips and pictures for the next five days, however that I learned in the process that really helped with the planning, a shower, the wedding, the reception and a dinner the night before.

The number one tip is to have communication, communication, communication.  I love that we all agreed on most everything but even the simple act of discussing plans can elevate emotions that are already at the surface.  Be willing to listen to one another and accommodate each other’s ideas and feelings.  Be flexible.  Know your priorities. Know your budget and choose to be happy with it.  Hannah and Cole’s number one priority was quality photos even If that is where most of their budget went.

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In case you are interested….
Bridesmaids skirts made by Hannah Sobisky ($7 each), Wedding dress purchased and repurposed by Hannah Sobisky ($300), Cole’s Suit Michael Kors from Mr. Mac ($300)
Flowers by The Flower Patch (provided by Cole’s family), Invitations designed by Hannah and Cole and printed by Alexanders ($150 for 1000), Engagement prints from Costco ($65), Contributing photographer Brooke Bakken


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