I Feel Pretty…

Not everyone has enough storage space in their bathrooms for all of their make-up and beauty supplies. We have some tips on how to maximize and organize your space for your make-up essentials.

  1. If you have to leave things out on your counter, use storage containers that are decorative and practical. We used a glass jar filled with crystal beads for our make-up brushes.
  2. To keep things from spreading all over your counter find a container or tray that you can keep everything together when you are done getting ready. We found this great gold serving tray to keep everything displayed but organized.
  3. Lipsticks are colorful and are a natural decorative accent to a bathroom space. We organized them in a clear container so you can see their colors and they brighten up the space.
  4. Most of us have favorite jewelry pieces we wear more than others. We used a smaller tray to keep ours in when we take our jewelry off at night. Now it is a decoration and easily accessible the next day.
  5. Finally, add some personal touches of your own.  We added some plants and flowers, a beaded crown, a bottle of perfume and even a decorative mirror.

makeup 2 makeup 3To make getting ready less frantic and more fun, organize and beautify your vanity.

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