Is it fall, spring or summer???


So we have been watching all the fashion trends and we love some of the things we are seeing.  In an earlier blog post we talked about the comeback of gauchos/culottes, whatever you prefer to call them.  Even though it is a fall trend we think they can be great for spring and summer as well.  You can wear them to have that denim/jean look without being too hot.  Some people are afraid to try them but if you put the right top with them, gauchos/culottes can be so fun and comfortable.  In this case Heidi paired them with a plain white dressier rayon shirt and silkier bomber jacket with embroidered flowers.

One of the trends that Suzanne loves is the longer flowy skirt.  This is another trend for fall that can be translated to spring and summer in our opinion.  Suzanne found this skirt and paired it with a navy blue ¾ in sleeve fitted top and her darling red strappy pumps.  As the weather warms she could change the top to a white t-shirt with and change the shoes to a more casual wedge sandal.

What items do you have in your closet that can be used for multiple seasons?

pic2pic3pic4pic5 pic6 pic7 pic8

In case you are interested…
Gaucho/culootes-Target, White rayon top-H&M, White and black embroidered jacket-Love Tree, Brown peep-toed booties-Qupid, Long yellow skirt-Forever21, Navy top-Nordstrom, Red pumps-Jessica Simpson

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