It’s Getting Spooky in Here….


Exciting things happening!!!!  Before we tell you the good news we want to share a few Halloween decorating ideas and tips.  Our mother always made the holidays fun for us as kids and even as adults.  Even when she didn’t have a lot of money she was very resourceful and would find ways to make her own decorations.  When Heidi was in junior high and Suzanne was a young married, we would sit around with glue guns and craft supplies making decorations.  As we have grown older with our own families we have carried on the tradition of making holidays fun and special.  This blog post will feature pictures of Heidi’s house and some of her favorite Halloween decorations.  Now for the fun part!!! We have partnered with Gatehouse no 1 in Orem, Utah to do an awesome Halloween Giveaway.  Suzanne has an entire annex of decorations from this wonderful store and probably has enough to have her own store.  We will feature Suzanne’s house in the next post and do another Gatehouse no 1 giveaway.  They are giving away the 3 items in the first picture under this post. (The pumpkin, pillow and salsa dish)  Here’s how to enter.

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The winner will be announced Wednesday evening at 10pm

Here are some tips we would like to share with you on decorating for Halloween.

Decide what style you want to go with and use that theme throughout to keep consistency.  We chose spooky/elegance.  To make things have a little more flare use things you already have to add to your décor.   For example,  use candle holders you already have and put some glitter on a pumpkin and set it on the candle holder, tie a ribbon around it and there you go.  We found some candlestick holders at a store in St. George called Urban Renewal for $12.  We didn’t know how we would use them we just knew we could somehow.  Grab things on sale when you can. Gatehouse no 1 has 40% off all Halloween right now.  Run; don’t walk there because it goes fast.  I especially love the cone shaped candy holders hanging on my fireplace from Gatehouse no 1.  They make a great addition to any Halloween décor.

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In case you are interested:
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