Jewelry Trends…

We grew up in a family of women wearing big jewelry.  Our mother, aunt Gerri, and aunt Betty loved big shiny jewelry and this greatly influenced our love of accessorizing and the impact it would have on our outfits.  One time I, Suzanne walked into a meeting and one of the women said, “wow, that takes a lot of confidence to wear that (large pearl necklace).  This year’s trend of large plate like bangles on necklaces is very appealing as is the multiple ring look.  I have always loved wearing coins as charms.  Pearls are an all-time favorite and my husband has brought me back some from his many business trips.  Brooches are one of mine and Heidi’s favorites and we both love to wear as many bracelets as our arms will allow. Heidi is thrilled that the choker look is back in and may be going a little nuts for chokers.  She has even gone through our mother’s old jewelry and found some unique, old earrings and bracelets that are back in style for the current trends.

My 90 year old mother in law started wearing multiple bracelets because as in her own words she said, “I saw you wearing a lot so I decided I could too.”  Of course she is way more subdued than I am.  We wish we could show you all of our favorites but there are just too many.  Being that jewelry is one of those things that transcends all ages, we gathered some pieces from all of our collections of jewelry.  So here is a small sample.

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