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Dancers, gymnasts, performers, athletes have something in common.  They all have a need to keep extra supplies on hand whether it’s makeup, first aid kits, sewing kits, scissors,  safety pins, etc….Heidi and her friend Misty (who also happens to be one of our photographers) have girls who have danced together for years.  They both began to see a need among the girls and decided to do something about it.  Heidi and Misty are organized and prepared and found a lot of moms and dancers coming to them for supplies like safety pins, bandaids, needle and thread, bobby pins and even nail polish remover.  Instead of always giving their supplies away they created a bag filled with some of those supplies and started selling them to the dancers.  The great thing about these bags is that they hold their performance make up, jewelry, hairbrush and comb, hairspray and all of the emergency supplies needed to get through a day of competition or performing.  After holding all of that,  the bags still fold up small enough to fit in their suitcases.  We thought with Christmas coming and competition season starting soon that these would make great gift ideas for your dancer, athlete, or performer.

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In case you are interested…
Limelight bags are $29.00 and can be purchased by leaving us a comment with your order  and email on our blog and we will contact you.

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