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Leggings, leggings, leggings…..

Suzanne gets up early to go walking and often has to run and do things right after so for her it helps to have something she can do both in. Heidi generally has the same issue after working out in the morning. Hannah and Addi both practically live in dance-wear and leggings so for them these are wonderful. Even our 83 year old mother got in on the action and tried on these leggings. She is all about comfort and she said they were very comfortable. We vote to wear!

There has been some debate about leggings and if women should wear them outside the gym. We think when worn tastefully and the right way at the right place, then of course you should wear them. Who doesn’t want to feel comfortable and fashionable? Is that even possible? We think so.

A company in Los Angeles, Nonstop LA, sent us some of their leggings to try. So we put them with different outfits, ages and sizes. We tried 3 different styles and loved them all. There is a big fashion trend with leggings that is called casual basics. In other words you go from the gym, to running errands then on to an evening out, all in the same kind of legging. You can just make the leggings look different by changing out your tops and adding jackets or vests. More and more women are taking leggings and dressing them up to look fashionable but comfy. In order for this look to work it helps if the leggings are a good quality Spandex/Lycra and if there are zippers or leather or another fabric to add a touch of style.

Just so you know:
The fabric is Supplex, it absorbs moisture and keeps you comfortable
It has the look of and feel of cotton but will not fade or get baggy
The spandex itself is black so it doesn’t look shiny
Made in USA

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In case you are interested:
Go to nonstp.la to shop these leggings and other looks. Mention YYY for a 20% discount. This only runs until 9/15/16. So hurry and get your Nonstop leggings before it ends.

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