Oh the places we have been……

1Traveling to other states and countries around the world can be fun and exciting.  Sometimes staying in your own state and traveling can be just as fun.  We have had quite a busy week.  On top of Heidi being in wedding planning mode, we decided to take a quick trip to St. George, then from there to Lake Powell which technically could be considered Phoenix depending on where you are standing at the moment, and then back north to Midway.  One of the things that impressed us the most was how beautiful the scenery was no matter where we were.  From the gorgeous red cliffs in St. George and beautiful water and sunsets in Lake Powell and the majestic mountains in Midway, we were constantly surrounded by beauty.   Our mother has always said that living in Utah is like living in a picture.  We happen to agree with her.

Our adventurous week included visiting with our parents in St. George, playing cards, exercising up and down the hill behind their house, and breakfast the next morning.  We then continued on our way to Lake Powell for a couple of days for fun in the sun and water.  Suzanne and her husband Bruce have a ski boat and house boat docked in Wahweap where we stayed.  One of the magical things about Lake Powell is the ability to go out on the lake for boating fun and then be able to come back to a luxurious house boat for games, movies, reading and of course eating until we are stuffed and then eating some more.  We get to see amazing sunsets and listen to the occasional rain storm while sitting in the boat which just adds to the magic.  Heidi and Steve had to leave early to get back to attend to other commitments.  Heidi headed up to Midway where her girls were at a dance convention.  It was hosted at the Zermatt resort in Midway which is absolutely breathtaking.  What resort has a carousel in their courtyard?  The Zermatt does!!!!! We were surrounded by the gorgeous green mountains and trees.  Heidi got to watch her girls dance in the same room at the same time which never happens.  Hannah had the opportunity to also help run the Jo and Jax dancewear booth for one of her favorite teachers and mentors, Joey Dowling.  At one point Heidi also had to run back down to Provo for a baptism for our other sister, Lisa’s grandchild and then back up to Midway for the rest of the convention.  Whew!!!!! Exhausting but fun!  We were both so busy and maybe too busy to do any of this traveling, but taking just a little time to experience life and the beauty around us is good for the soul.  We are truly blessed to live where we live and be around family and friends that we love.

We have shared some pictures from the week and a couple of pictures from one of our other trips to Lake Powell that we thought should be included.  You may or may not see a couple of “mature men” doing some amazing things.  You may or may not notice some young kids doing some cool stuff as well.

St George3

Lake Powell

Midway Utah14151617 18Just in case you were interested: Swimwear from Lime Ricki and The Pak Pak, Dance wear from Jo and Jax

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