Pumpkins and Crows…

So Heidi saw this idea on another Instagram post and used it and gave it her own twist.  We follow @homeonfernhill and love their images so thank you to them for this idea.  To accomplish this look first look for an urn that you can use as the main focal point.  We looked all over for one that had a white tint to it but couldn’t find one.  We found the urn pictured below at Hobby Lobby.  Then decide on your color scheme of pumpkins.  We liked the lighter shades of greens and whites so we gathered pumpkins from Hobby Lobby and Michaels.  We had to look different places to get different sizes and shapes and shades.  While at Michaels Heidi got the idea to buy some white chalky spray paint to paint the urn to look the way she wanted.  We also found some of the greenery that we used in the décor as well.  Of course we had to go check out Tai Pan Trading to see if there was anything else we could use.  Guess what?  There were more pics with shiny silvery leaves that worked great so we grabbed those as well.   Putting it all together was so fun.  At this point you use your own personal touch.  We added greenery around the edge of the urn and then put the bigger white pumpkin on top.  Heidi grabbed one of her own candlesticks to set more leaves and a smaller pumpkin on top for another layer and texture to the display.  From here, add your other pumpkins and mix up the shapes and add more leaves throughout to fill in the space.  Heidi decided that she could use this display for Halloween by adding crows around the pumpkins and mirror and then use it for Thanksgiving by simply taking down the crows.   We hope you like our display and can go and have fun doing your own.

Have the best day ever!!!

In case you were interested…

Urn and pumpkin, Hobby Lobby/ smaller and other pumpkins, leaves, paint, Michaels/silver leaves, Tai Pan Trading

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