Pumpkins, and squash, and cabbage oh my….

When Suzanne envisioned her table for Thanksgiving she decided to use more subdued colors in her centerpiece and bring in a pop of color with the dishes.  Suzanne is a connoisseur of fine dishware.  She has enough sets for any occasion and then some. When you layer a center piece like this one it is easiest to start with the larger pieces first then fill in with all the rest.  You also have to take into consideration the size of your table.  If you have a smaller table you would want to scale down the size of your center piece.  Suzanne had some of these things already and others she picked up recently at Hobby Lobby and Tai pan.

The dishes that she has here are Fiesta Ware. These are about 10 years old but you can find something similar at many places like Macys, Hobby Lobby, Tai Pan, or online.  Suzanne was able to order a few replacement pieces that she needed a couple of years ago but hasn’t tried since.

We didn’t have fancy dinners very often growing up except Sundays and special occasions.  Our mother always made the table fancy at those times. It made those dinners feel extra special and exciting. What are you doing for your Thanksgiving table to make it feel special?

Have the best day ever, Suzanne and Heidi

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