Repurposing… as told by Heidi

I have been looking for a new kitchen table and chairs. The set we had is 12 years old and starting to break and has had nail polish remover spilled on it and, well let’s just say it was looking more rustic than I wanted it to.  After searching for just the right table and chairs I began to be frustrated because everything I wanted was $2500-$3000 just for the table.  To some that may seem reasonable but I just couldn’t do it.  I finally found something close to what I wanted at Tai Pan Trading Co.  Not only was it the right size but it had the legs I liked.  The best part was it was marked down from $1000 to $450.  The bad thing was the top was pretty damaged from being used as a display table.  Fortunately I was able to talk them down to $350.  So now I have a table that I need to fix the top of but I knew I could figure something out.  My husband and I talked about many options from re-staining to a glass top over it to sanding it down and leaving it rustic.  I was wandering around the hardware store when all of a sudden I got a brilliant idea.  I saw some flooring that I liked and got to thinking it would look so cool on my table.  Well $120 later and some elbow grease and a very helpful husband, I was able to create the table I wanted.  Now I just need to find some chairs.  The before and after pics are posted below.

P.S. I am waiting to purchase the perfect chairs and bench for the table.  I will post pictures of those when I have it all together.

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