Say Cheese…..

We were asked by Katie Young (@katiedyoung), to try out the NuSkin teeth whitening toothpaste.  We said “of course!”  We are always up for trying new things.  We did it for four weeks and noticed some great results. Heidi took a before and after picture which will be posted below.  She loved the smooth feeling it leaves on your teeth after brushing and that her teeth are whitening more each day.  She loved that there was no sensitivity or bleach involved.

The company promises those same things as well as:

No peroxides or harsh abrasives, stain removal, prevents plaque buildup, safe for kids and pregnant women,  whitens caps and veneers ( which is true because Heidi has veneers and they have become whiter), less money than whitening strips and trays.

We apologize for the yucky teeth pictures but we wanted to show you the difference.


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