Service With a Smile…..


Suzanne and Lisa were both dancers in the original musical Saturday’s Warrior from the 1970’s with many wonderful people.  They have stayed close with a lot of the cast members over the years.  Last week they had a get together in Lake Tahoe and decided to do something meaningful while they were together.  We also have a friend whose son is working on his Eagle project which is making blankets for hospital NICUs.  Lisa thought taking the fleece with her to Lake Tahoe would be the perfect way for everyone to contribute to the Eagle project.  They worked over the weekend and still didn’t have a chance to finish all of them.  So Lisa brought the rest over to me (Heidi), and Suzanne to finish. We got Addison and Brianna involved as well.  These blankets have special meaning to all of us because most of us in our family with children have spent some scary moments in hospitals with one or more of our children.  Lisa’s youngest daughter Cassie was born 10 weeks early and it was touch and go for a while.  Many surgeries and hospital stays later she is doing well.  Suzanne’s grandson Eli, had skull surgery to repair a birth defect and RSV and was hospitalized for a while.  My son Chandler has had a few hospital trips.  The two most extended ones were both at Primary Children’s being diagnosed with diabetes at age 1 and then another stay because he had an abscess in his mouth that got out of control.  All of these trips to the hospital had one thing in common and that was these blankets that others made to help our kids feel comforted.  We felt it was important to make these blankets to send to different hospitals and at the same time help our friend’s son get his Eagle project done.  It always feels good to take a little time out of a busy day to help others and to pay it forward.  We have a little video for you that explains what we are doing in more detail.


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