Staying healthy at every age…


We all know staying healthy is important. We were all laughing about the fact that as we get older how difficult it can be to do the simple things like getting up off the toilet.  When we go up and down stairs, the stairs aren’t the only things creaking.  It is important to keep our minds clear as well. We live on a beautiful mountain so we have a lot of hills to use to exercise. When Suzanne and her friends, aka the walkie talkies, go walking every morning on those hills they have coined the phrase 6,000 steps and 25,000 words, each in 45 minutes.  We have realized we all like to be active in different ways.  Find what works for you and get out and be active.  We have gathered together some photos of all the different ways we stay active. We thinks it’s fantastic our eighty plus year old parents get in on the action.

1“Walkie Talkies” These ladies roam the hills of the east bench in Provo talking the whole way every morning.  If only Heidi could just follow behind and listen in as they share their wisdom and sometimes silliness with one another.  Actually she could she’s just not an early morning person.

2a2bHannah prefers weights, ball work outs and elliptical workouts.

3b3aHeidi enjoys the gym as well but her favorite workout are stairs or bleachers.

4a4bJulie our sister in-law plays basketball in the mornings with all the guys for her exercise.  She is one tough lady.

Even our 82 year old mom and 81 year old dad make it a point to walk everyday around the mall a few times.  It keeps them healthy and young.  Our dad also still plays tennis.

6Our niece Nicole enjoys hiking and rock climbing.

7b7aAddi, Heidi’s 14 year old dances for her exercise.  She doesn’t have time to do anything else.

8Suzanne, Lisa and Heidi and their friends Barbara and Denita love to hike through Provo canyon on Saturday mornings.  This is when they talk and lift and encourage each other to get through week.  After 6 miles things are pretty well under control. Our fingers get a good workout too apparently.

9a9b 9c 9d 9e 9f 9gWe live in one of the most beautiful places with so many gorgeous scenic hikes and views.  We like to hike as families as well.  Such a great way to clear  your mind, spend time as family, and get a good work out.

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