Introducing Young Younger Youngest

Sitting around chatting with family is our favorite thing to do.  When we get together we sing, we laugh, and we solve ALL the world’s problems.  One day my daughter Addi was talking about buying a romper.  This started a discussion about how each of us would wear a romper.   Of course the next logical step was to start a lifestyle blog showing how each one of us would wear different styles at different ages.  During  our family “get togethers”,  we have realized  that all the opinions and ideas or ways of doing things vary because we are all at different stages of life.

We often have 5 generations at our gatherings.  Our goal is to represent different generations through a lifestyle blog.  Hair trends, fashion and hobbies will vary,  but we love and learn from each other and help each other to be the best we can be.  One of our favorite things to say as we run out the door, after “I Love You”, is, “I’ve got places to go, people to see, and things to do.” So I guess what I am saying is we are all very busy, but we come together and have a great time with each other and share what we have learned.

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