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We are so excited to highlight two women entrepreneurs. Tilly Southwick and Alex Romney started Un1tribe clothing company. Not only are they fantastic t-shirts and sweatshirts, or beanies… but when you make a purchase you are helping someone in need. We just love learning about and supporting companies like Un1tribe.

These wonderful ladies have also agreed to do a giveaway of one of their awesome t-shirts. These aren’t just any regular t-shirts. All of their clothing is made in the USA and they are all out of natural/organic materials. To top it all off 20% of their proceeds goes to a different charity each season. You can not only help out a charity but look good while doing it!

We asked them some questions so we could help everyone get to know them better.

Read what they have to say and leave a comment below to enter the giveaway.

Background on how we’re We are Un1tribe?

Un1tribe (pronounced yoo-nih-tribe) was founded by Alex Romney and Tilly Southwick, two close friends who have spent much of their career working in the fashion industry. The meaning behind Un1tribe is a ‘Tribe of Unity’ and that’s exactly who we are. We loved working in fashion but we wanted to take a different route. We wanted to create clothes that resonated with our personal values and beliefs and felt that type of clothing company did not yet exist.

How did we come up with idea?

We came up with the idea because we saw a need for a company like ours in the market. We wanted to create a company that gave back and made a difference through our product and its message.

What do we hope to accomplish?

We hope to create a movement through our message and our clothing. We hope to encourage our customers and followers to make the change they want to see in the world. With each purchase they are putting their money toward something they believe in and can be proud of. Proceeds from purchases made will be donated to a charity we have chosen at the end of every season. So not only do you get a great product you are also giving back to a worthy cause with every purchase.

In case you are interested:
www.un1tribe.com is where you can see all of their product.

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