Why we love Lime Ricki by Suzanne

We had decided to take a last minute trip to Lake Powell.  It was a little bit of a panic to get ready to go.   Of course I “NEEDED” a couple of new swimsuits.  I ran down to my favorite store (Lime Ricki) with zero time to try on anything, so I just grabbed two suits that I loved, (with Brianna and my grandsons waiting in the car), I paid and hurried home to pack.  I didn’t even have time to try them on at home.  UUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! I was a little worried about getting down to Lake Powell and not having a suit that fit.  NO WORRIES!!! It fit great!

A few weeks later at the houseboat again we went with our friends the Callisters.  Colette and I showed up in the same swimsuit bottoms and different tops.  We both agreed we had great taste.  I suppose this was inevitable since Colette is the owner of Lime Ricki. (We have some of the most fun and interesting friends.)  She is also my yoga instructor as if she weren’t busy enough raising a family and running a business.  This is one of the many reasons everyone loves Colette.  She is an example of a strong, faithful, kind and hard working woman. Lime 1Heidi, Colette and Suzanne

Colette and her two sisters, Nicole & Jennifer, started Lime Ricki (We love it when sisters work together) when their daughters complained that they could not find any swimsuits that, for them, were comfortable, modest and cute all at the same time.   There are several reasons we have decided to highlight Colette and Lime Ricki.  We love that their swimwear is modest, yet fashionable, and that it is appealing to all age groups.  That is what our blog is focusing on and here is a great example of that.  Heidi loves that she and her 14 year old daughter and 21 year old daughter can all walk in to the same store and find a swimsuit they each like.  Lime Ricki also has size runs for all sizes.  The other thing we love about Lime Ricki is they do service for others.  They donate proceeds to different organizations.Lime 2Colette has been gracious enough to offer a free swimsuit to one of our followers.  So that means another giveaway.  Wahooooooo!!!!!! This time to enter you must go follow @youngyoungeryoungest1.  On @youngyoungeryoungest1 you must tag 3 people that you think would enjoy our blog and giveaway.  We will choose the winner in 3 days. The winner will be able to choose any swimsuit from their collection. Plenty of time to enter and win.  Good luck!


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